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March classes will be from March 14, 2022 – April 9, 2022
April classes will be April 11, 2022 – May 7, 2022

In person classes will resume on Monday, March 14th.

Baby Class (0-18 months with caregiver)

March Class: Old MacDonald
Hop on the hayride—it’s time to head for the farm! Old Mac Donald takes us there with songs and activities such as This Little Cow Eats Grass, Hop Up My Baby and Old MacDonald. We’ll engage in rituals and playful activities including infant massage, lap bounces, exercise, and quiet time as we focus on your baby’s developing listening skills.

April Class: Big Red Barn 
An enduring favourite theme, farms (and all the moos, quacks, and neighs that come with them) are a reliable toddler hit! Packed with classic songs and rhymes such as ‘Little Boy Blue’ and ‘Baa, Baa, Black Sheep’, Big Red Barn is a delightfully active unit. We’ll enjoy moving like animals, making animal sounds, playing instruments and exploring the opposing concepts of loud/quiet and fast/slow.

Family Class (0-5 years with caregiver)

March Class: Down on the Ground
In this unit, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get right Down on the Ground and take a good look around. We’ll engage children’s natural curiosity as we hop like bunnies, scoot like caterpillars, scurry like squirrels, and even do a certain, familiar spider fingerplay. Meanwhile, you’ll broaden your own vision, and foster a child’s natural curiosity!

April Class: Colors and Shapes on the Farm
In our unit “Colors & Shapes on the Farm”, not only are we having fun with the animals on the farm but we are also working on our colors and shapes!

Sorting (by color, shape, sound etc.) is a cognitive skill that helps prepare your child for making sense of the world around them by giving them an opportunity to practice grouping things into categories.

Preschool Class (3-5 years without caregiver)

March Class: In My Garden
Imagination, socialization, instruments and more! The sun is shining, birds are singing, insects are buzzing, and critters are sniffing, wriggling, chirping, hopping and burrowing. Come along- it’s a beautiful day In My Garden. 

April Class: Around the Farm
Pretend play plays a significant role in the Kindermusik classroom! Play provides opportunities for learning in all areas of a child’s development, emphasizes learning as an active & interactive process, and allows for differences in interest, ability, and learning styles!

In this activity, we’ll pretend to go on a tractor ride! What sounds does the tractor make? Do you spot any animals along the way? What do they sound like?