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Summer classes will be from June 6, 2022 – July 2, 2022 (4-weeks)

Indoor classes are now “Mask Optional”

Baby Class (0-18 months with caregiver)

We’ll celebrate the ties that bind as we move sing and dance our way through the day. A focus on steady beat helps your baby organize her body, and all of the singing helps him organize his words. Let’s play, babies!  The work of growing up has hardly begun!

Family Class (0-5 years with caregiver)

Through song, creative movement & instrument play, your learners will experience both new and familiar songs. We will create soundscapes using our bodies and instruments, move like an octopus, wiggle our toes in the pretend sand, and go for a “swim” in the ocean too! So gather up your shovels, pails and sand toys, and get ready for fun!

Preschool Class (3-5 years without caregiver)

A giggle, a guffaw, a belly laugh: Nothing can make you smile like the unabashed laughter of children. A child’s blossoming sense of humor thrives on silliness, word play, tongue twisters, and unexpected combinations of image and sound. We draw on the rich tradition of humorous folk music, exploring folk instruments and dancing to songs such as Mole in the Ground and Old Lady No-Nose, recorded by North Carolina musician David Holt. We sing, play, and dance along to campfire favorites such as Sally the CamelBoom, Boom! Ain’t it Great to be Crazy? and Waddaly Atcha. We revel in goofy sounds and words in Gang-GooFlea, Fly, Mosquito, and Apples and Bananas. We have a book of knock-knock jokes for storytime that brings on the giggles and turns the children’s thinking on end.